East, West, and East Again

Director: Kathleen Rugh

Thursday Mar 23rd

  • 16mm
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 9min

On the edges of New York City and the outskirts of Los Angeles, expansive oceans reach the land. People flock to experience a piece of nature grander than their cities. The film explores that boundary and at moments brings these two disparate coasts together as one. 

Kathleen Rugh is a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her artwork centers around the psychological effects of the spaces we inhabit. Rugh’s film and photographic work has been exhibited in screenings and galleries throughout the US and internationally, including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Images Festival, the Antimatter Film Festival, EXiS Experimental Film Festival, and the Athens International Film and Video Festival. She has received funding for her films through the New York State Council on the Arts.