A Century Plant in Bloom

Director: Ross Meckfessel

Thursday Mar 23rd

  • 16mm
  • USA
  • 2017
  • 10min

A cry for help in the form of a pop song. A village cast as a simulacrum of the past by Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott, Pasolini and Scorsese. As the future starts devouring the present, how can we hope to remember the past? Pics or it never existed.

Ross Meckfessel is an artist and filmmaker who works primarily in Super 8 and 16mm film. His films often utilize pop music, appropriated images, and horror tropes emphasizing materiality and poetic structure while exploring apocalyptic obsession, contemporary ennui, and the technological landscape. His work has screened internationally and throughout the United States including CalArts, Onion City Film Festival, and DOBRA Experimental Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro.