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Director: Mónica Savirón

Friday Mar 24th

  • 16mm
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 5min

"The fading that devastates color films occurs in the dark. It is accelerated by high temperatures and, to a lesser extent, relative humidity. Dye fading is irreversible. Once the dye images have faded, the information lost cannot be recovered"—Image Permanence Institute

Mónica Savirón is an experimental filmmaker, writer, and independent curator. Her essays about avant-garde and artists’ cinema have been published internationally. Her film Broken Tongue (2013), a tribute to conceptual poet and performer Tracie Morris, has been shown at more than fifty major festivals and art venues around the world, and won the Best Film award at FRONTEIRA Film Festival in Brazil. Her video To Begin With (2012) had its World Premiere at Experiments in Cinema Festival. Originally from Madrid and currently based in New York City, her work explores the cinematic possibilities of sound and avant-garde poetics.