Membrana Mortis (Dead Film)

Director: Kyle Whitehead

Friday Mar 24th

  • Super 8
  • Calgary
  • 2016
  • 5min

Membrana Mortis is a meta-film, a chaotic assemblage of re-photographed and chemically manipulated image fragments culled from a damaged roll of film that was nearly unprojectable. The films title suggests a two-fold intention - here process and existence presuppose one another, at once an elegy to a dead film and observance of new genesis.

Kyle Whitehead is an artist working primarily with small-format celluloid to create experimental films and expanded cinema projects. He prefers a careful and considered approach to image making; which should not be confused with best practices, as his work is more about embracing the potential of an indeterminate process. What he wants is the definitive by chance - leveraging trailing-edge technologies often with unusual or startling effect.