Pinhole Camera

Director: Sandy McLennan

Saturday Mar 25th

  • Super 8
  • Huntsville
  • 2016
  • 2:59

Pinhole Camera demonstrates my method of teaching pinhole photography. I screen it for students who are seeing a celluloid motion picture for the first time in their lives. Edited in camera and hand-processed. The pinhole procedure was first shot/edited digitally to help create a shooting script.

Sandy McLennan is a multidisciplinary artist thriving on reinvention. Decades later, he is projecting new work on celluloid film, compelled to reproduce docu-drama evidence of the world around him. He was a 1981 Sheridan College Media Arts graduate and an Audio-Visual/Computer Technician in schools until 2014. He performed with the Canadian Opera Company at age 7, shot 35mm slides in Hong Kong in 1972, tape recorded R.Murray Schafer’s lake opera in 1981, documented a canoe trip on 16mm film, resurrected his darkroom and taught pinhole photography. He has exhibited and received grants for photography, motion pictures, audio and installation/performance.