3 ½

Director: Gordon Pepper

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • Super 8
  • Calgary
  • 1995
  • 9:00

Recognized as the audience favorite that year of the festival, a short film that explores the fascinating first stages of human creativity, as seen through the eyes of a first time father.

It is almost impossible to over-estimate Gordon Pepper’s influence on the beginning of the $100 Film Festival. An instructor at SAIT and a CSIF board member during the late eightiesand early nineties, Gordon was the voice in the crowd guiding James Morison to CSIF and its many resources. As the story goes, James overheard Gordon talking to another studentabout the society, it’s mandate, and its facilities. James joined and then later proposed the festival as another way to encourage local filmmaking. From that day one, Gordon was on the ground putting the festival together and excitedly watching as it exemplified the overallgoal of the society that he was so invested in. Today Gordon honors his commitments to independent filmmaking as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, a non-profit artists-run centre encouraging independent film and videoproduction by providing workshops, exhibition, and outreach for artists. Pepper has and continues to be a key figure in the success and growth of CSIF and its neighbouring organization; the Saskatchewan Filmpool. Gordon’s dedication to the Canadian independent film community is an intact illustration of the contagious and enduring spiritof CSIF and more specifically, the $100 Film Festival.

- Felicia Glatz