Another Void

Director: Paul Clipson

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • San Francisco
  • 2012
  • 10min

Jetre Cantu-Ledesma’s heavy instrumentals laminate Clipson’s intense visual collage. Layer upon layer images coagulate and compound an opulent cityscape where eager eyes and fingertips navigate the darkness.

Saturated pallets and competing graphics challenge the limits of the 8mm. Instead, Clipson reveals how immeasurable the possibilities of the format can be. Visuals are achieved by in-camera editing, namely six splices and hundreds of superimposed images. This film suggests that we are on the brink of the expansive and wholly unknowable universe of celluloid effect.

 Another Void first appeared in our festival in 2013 accompanied by Clipson himself as a visiting artist. Based in San Francisco, his four tier practice of film, drawing, installation, and live performance hyper-articulates the processes, and the physical impressions and properties of film and video. An often dense and overlapping visual representation he redefines the parameters of small-gauge film as virtuous portals to rich and unyielding visual terrain. A master of in-camera technique, Clipson wields focus, editing, and multi-layer superimposition to thicken the visual viscosity testing the limits of our own sensory capacities. Utilizing the unpredictable and often serendipitous consequences of the medium, his work claims ownership of the unexpected and weaves it into a repetitious discovery of the world around him.

Clipson’s work has gained international recognition migrating across Europe, Japan, Russian, and North America. 

- Felicia Glatz