Artifices #1

Director: Alexandre Larose

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • 2007
  • 4min

Streetlights orient themselves in the distance then spin and stream to the fore. Beams of light spiral and complicate space and trajectory thrusting us into as state of paralysis. A second by second recalibration of image and representation, a familiar twilit cityscape in the throws of optical pressures—subject to the capacity of individual recognition.

 Alexandre Larose screened a collection of films at our festival in 2011 when he appeared as a visiting artist. Based in Montreal, Larose employs a formal study of mechanical engineering to the filmic investigation of temporality and space, a seasoned and self-taught user of Super 8, Larose excelled in film scholarship as well. Possessing an immense technical acumen, his filming equipment and developing processes are customized to his own specifications. Much of his practice involves heavy mechanical manipulation in order to translate his own curiosity about how film can acquire and convey imagery much like a dream.

Ready and willing to dispense cameras and film stock, suturing together competing densities, and submitting the entire process to rigorous treatments in the name of experimentation and discovery, chance is a welcome variable as it resembles the residual effects applied to our own psyches. His films have enjoyed international attention since 2006. Among his heart collection of work on film including: Le Corps Humain (introduction: la generation) (2006), 930 (2006), Brouillard – passage # 1 (2009), Ville Marie (2009), La Grande Dame (2011), and Brouillard – passage #14 (2014), we are pleased to include his 2007 film Artifices #1 in our retrospective. 

- Felicia Glatz