Director: Eva Colmers

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • 2013
  • 5min

 Past and present collide as a seasoned filmmaker cuts and sutures the fabric of his last editing assignment. His own childhood memories slowly overtake the imagery threaded into his vintage Steenbeck table. A young boy in the leaves permeates an array of nature footage and the whole strip obliges cascades of memory. 

 Autumn has a double meaning: the original title written on the film canister of found footage in Eva’s basement, and the season of a lifetime approaching its end. Rescued from a garage sale and stowed away until it was brought to life as a commissioned film for the $100 Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary, the orphaned footage became a “compass” for Colmers, piloting the overall direction of her film.

 With an impressive body of work exploring the dramatic, documentary, and experimental, Colmers channels a background in theatre and arts into prolific filmmaking, as well as live dance and theatre performances. A writer, director, and producer, she wields a lifetime of experience in various formats. Her passion for film, however, is readily evident in her thematic undertakings. The ephemeral nature of it and her fascination of which ripples into her work as an echoed undercurrent, while formal manipulation like cutting, scratching, and bleaching speak to the illusion inherent to its physicality; “still frames of life that come alive only by controlled, forward motion.”

Eva Colmers is amply recognized by national and international film organizations. Most recently, she has received the 2016 FAVA Outstanding Achievement Award, and she was selected for the 2011 Women in the Directors Chair at the Banff Centre. She has written and directed sixteen award winning short films and three documentaries for the National Film Board. 

- Felicia Glatz