Damaged Goods

Director: Don Best

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • 2004
  • 5min

Set to the cadence of a man immured on a bleak and pulsing landscape, Best combines back-lit sand, camera-less animation, rotoscoping, photocopy manipulation of live action, hand drawings and chemical devices to induce a Sisyphean introspection. A menacing and reactive house consumes its owner, while muffled trance like breathing re-iterates the myth as we descend deeper into the obsessive psyche of our main character. Hand drawn oil pastel and charcoal on newsprint illustrate the center of the eerie dreamscape before we reemerge and our man continues his journey along rough and rocky terrain. 

 A generous contributor to the $100 Film Festival not to mention the Canadian animation landscape, Don Best’s films have garnered National and International attention.  After studying fine arts at the Alberta College of Art and Design, he went on to study at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Upon his return to Calgary, Best carefully assembled a collection of ingeniously crafted animation/experimental films. He is best known for his unconventionality when it comes to materials and techniques, incorporating ready-made household and industrial items into hand drawn or sand animation landscapes. A master of camera-less animation as well, his film is submitted to scratching, rubbing, and heavy chemical processing. Best utilizes everything available to him to conduct a tireless exploration into mortality, modernity, memory, and urban myth.

 Don Best’s work has travelled to the Holland Animation Festival, The Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Antimatter Underground Film Festival, and is continually celebrated at the $100 Film Festival. 

- Felicia Glatz