Hey, Little Chicken

Director: Joe Kelly

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • Super 8
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • 2001
  • 4min

A hazy and distorted recording of Joe’s friend Carrie Tannent singing Hey Little Chicken, is in fact an accidental film. After a quaint trip to Lethbridge to record, Joe left the processing up to Rick Doe at The Local Lab Film Services.

 “Rick called me a few days later and said the film was botched and had nothing on it. Disappointed, I went to pick up the film anyway and brought it home. Looking at the film up to a light, I could see that it looked like solid emulsion as if it had never been exposed. As it ran through the projector I decided to turn the lamp on to see if anything would be projected, nothing. Looking into the lens I could now see the film I shot, there was Carrie playing the accordion in synch with the audio. I used bleach to dissolve away emulation. I prepared a bath of water and bleach; I dunked the film into the solution for a couple of seconds and then quickly ran it under cold water. That was enough to expose the film.”

Without edits, the film went on to win the Best of Alberta that year.

Fluent in film formats, his collected works in total range from Super 8, to 16mm, and 35mm. Working primarily in film he has shown films Nationally and Internationally as a solo artist and frequent collaborator. A resourceful and adventurous artist, Kelly incorporates many different materials and techniques into his films from cameraless animation, to drawing, to stop-motion, clay, sand, and paint.

Presently based in Calgary, where his work is continually welcomed and celebrated by many local galleries and festivals including $100. 

- Felicia Glatz