Director: Noel Bégin

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • Super 8
  • Calgary
  • 1998
  • 3:30

An outside memory adopted from someone's discarded home movie.  Usually slippery, hurried; time slows to a perceivable rate, expands to fill the volume it's supposed to occupy.  Expanded time makes things visible.  Cameras and lenses modify time, allowing us to step off of its slip and be momentary outliers, outside of the hurry, where we are in a place more. 

Among the local filmmakers to participate since the earliest years of the $100 Film Festival, Noel Bégin continues his practice in Calgary. Graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1992, the third year of which at the San Francisco Art Institute, he applied a degree in sculpture to a video and light based installation and performance rich collection of works. Aptly self-proclaiming as a “Practical Observationalist” in Media and visual arts, he explores the spatial properties and parameters of projected media. A curator, videographer, and fervent filmmaker, his work has appeared with the 2013 Alberta Biennia of Contemporary Art, Decidely Jazz Danceworks, as well as several festivals, and galleries across the city and province. 

- Felicia Glatz