Director: Peter Stinson and Brenda Whiteman

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Saskatoon
  • 2004
  • 13:00

Loupé is a self-taught an resourceful artist. Scrounging in the back alley refuse of Calgary streets, she collects “found objects” and brings them back to her spacious studio. Her paintings incorporate her objects. Sometimes she can create prolifically, and sometimes she can’t. But when found objects trigger memories, her work takes on a life of its own.

Loupé has it rough, climbing in and out of dumpsters with her basket of objects. Her search for materials is a struggle but a fulfilling venture. Using found materials collected from unwanted or discarded piles of objects, she repurposes them in her own paintings. A very personal narrative, it is an intimate acknowledgement of the trials and support systems that can define an artists life. 

Brenda, originally from Grande Priarie, and a master of puppetry teamed up with Peter Stinson a graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design in 1993 to create “Red Smaarteez Marionettes.”  The two went on to present their educational puppet shows and films at schools and festivals all over Canada before transitioning into film in 1998. Inspired the film community inherent to the $100 Film Festival, both artists expanded their practice to include film, scraping together some film from a friends garage and a camera from another close friend Michael Willis, and shot their first film “One Last Trick.” Since then, the two have created several films and have adapted painting and music to their repertoire of collaborations.

They have toured throughout Canada with their films and live performances, and recently re-screened “One Last Trick” as a feature presentation at the biennial Chicago Puppet Theatre Festival. 

- Felicia Glatz