Screen Test 1 (Self Portrait)

Director: Scott Fitzpatrick

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Winnipeg
  • 2015
  • 3min

The film tells us to focus. The word tumbles across the first frames and sets a tone of heightened awareness. This is how Scott Fitzpatrick’s films work, toying with the mechanics of sight, sound and association, bringing the biological predispositions that allow film to function to the fore. Fluent in photography and collage, Fitzpatrick’s films are akin in compositional nature. Repetition defines the process,and the translation.

The image is simple but dense and complicated by process. He sits in a chair and then stands up and walk away. The film, being recycled and run through a laser printer, acquires the manipulated residue that animates the static image. It flickers, it pops, and it loops, and threatens to fall out of frame while an emphatic purr preserves the momentum initiated by the prefacing word: focus.

Fitzpatrick’s films have been touring the experimental and underground circuits since he began in 2010 after studying film theory at the University of Winnipeg.This film originally screened to a $100 Film Festival audience in 2016.

 - Felicia Glatz