In the Backyarden

Director: Lindsay McIntyre

Wednesday Mar 22nd

  • 16mm
  • Edmonton
  • 2015
  • 5min

Childhood memories coalesce as a young girl explores her garden. A vibrant and texturally rich Eden augments the quiet beauty of her surroundings. Her focus glidesacross a lustrous terrain; it perches briefly upon everyday objects before fluttering away.  McIntyre’s camera mimics a childhood curiosity and observation. Editing, superimpositions, and close-ups presume a virginal inquisitiveness, a slowed andserene collection of images, perhaps collectively reminiscent of youth.

Embracing the very tactile ethic that celluloid demands, she defines her work by insisting upon a close and attentive filmmaking process, resorting to hand crafted materials and ingenious technique. Her work is informed by an MFA degree in Filmproduction from Concordia University in Montreal, a BFA in drawing from U of A, and her time with the Kent Institute of Art and Design in England as well as the New School in New York. Currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta, McIntyre adheres closely to 16mm film, ever enlarging her body of work.

She personalizes the camera work, sound, editing, emulsion and coating, as well as post-production and even exhibition of her films. Her primary concern manifests as a recurrent theme; each film meditates upon the formal parameters of the medium while provoking a long cultural history of which it belongs. Time and again, McIntyre evokes a dialogue between content and construction wherein each is heavily informed by the other. Discontinuous elements like light, sound, and image open up spaces for weighty and intimate discussion while embellishing formal texture. A dedicated user of the somewhat niche medium, she has been forecasting film’s revival as a malleable and aesthetically unencumbered material for exploration. 

- Felicia Glatz